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Our Mission

Our goal is to democratize science to enable data-driven decision-making for the public good

We are driven by a desire to ensure that decisions are made using high quality data and evidence. Founded by leaders in academia, policy, and philanthropy, we believe that ethics, rigor, and transparency, should guide this data-driven decision making. We operate on the principle that computational literacy and data are indispensable to democratic citizenship and scientific progress.

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“We do not produce any black-box decisions. We provide results and insights in open-source dashboards, reports and visualizations, and our algorithms are accessible to all.” 


Shamaila Ashraf, Strategic Advisor


What is AI/ML?

Today’s AI is far from the all-knowing, sensient machines portrayed in science fiction. Rather, they are simply computer models which complete discrete tasks that data scientists have programmed them to do. Additional machine learning capabilities enable a computer “trained” to identify patterns in initial data sets to automatically improve its performance on a given set of tasks without being explicitly programmed to do so.

Havos in Action

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