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The Approach


Ask Away

The best solutions start by asking the right questions.


We begin our process by working with you to determine what you are seeking and what information would best address your needs.

Teamwork First

We combine our expertise with yours in order to deliver the best possible results. 

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Go To The Source

We identify the most diverse and comprehensive sources of data.

We curate each dataset using client data, peer-reviewed scientific publications, government reports and local studies, and other sources. We create search parameters based on your objectives.

Data, De-mystified

We optimize the data returned by our AI/ML models.

Our content experts help filter and configure the data to make sense of the information and present it in a way that is easy to understand and act upon.

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Mix and match

Our user-friendly dashboard makes it possible to interrogate the data to address more than one question.


We can help you plug different parameters into the AL/ML model, and our algorithms are transparent and accessible in order to reduce bias.

"Our systematic review of the state of the evidence identifies opportunities for novel research, greater authorship distribution, and meaningful collaboration."

Devon Fleming, Business Development Associate 

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Havos in Action

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