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We know that there is a growing need for decision-support within teams and organizations. is not just a technology firm. We are a strategic partner that can help you think about decision making in an efficient, effective, and empowered way.

Our goal is to give clients a way to think about difficult research questions, unstructured data, and strategic priorities and balance those with evidence and insights. Our detail-oriented project managers and data stewards work in collaboration with your team to make data science and evidence-based decision-making more accessible. The network of global experts ensure that any insights, strategic recommendations, and analysis done by our intelligence models are grounded in the real world.


At the heart of everything we do is data strategy and management. Our team can help you navigate growing data needs, ecosystems, and build the right infrastructure to bring evidence-based decision making into focus within your organization.


Digital Strategy Development helps you design and implement a digital strategy that aligns with your data infrastructure, needs, and capabilities. Identify your data infrastructure needs

Product Management

Our experienced product and project managers enable digitally enabled projects from start to finish.

Data Management Upskilling

Train your team on data requirements, where to store data and how to extract the right information for machine learning

Process Automation

Our team can take your existing process and add automated features to it to help build a more efficient and streamlined system.

Havos in Action

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