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Rapid Assessment works with clients to develop rapid AI-based synthesis and provide answers to your questions in 3-4 weeks. Our team provides consultative support, identifies the necessary data and expert validation, and provides targeted analysis and recommendations to support client decision-making.

Evidence Scoping Review

Building on work done to develop a comprehensive evidence gap map, takes that foundation and goes deeper into the analysis of the data to forecast evidence trends, determine high-impact research areas for future work, and provide actionable recommendations to clients.

Evidence Gap Maps pairs our AI technology with a team of experts to produce gap maps that identify areas where evidence is lacking. We start by identifying the problem, developing a clear solutions framework, conducting the necessary analysis and developing an online platform to see results in one place.

Evidence Synthesis & Meta Analysis

Using internationally accepted scientific guidelines, such as PRISMA-P, can transform evidence scoping reviews into analysis that adheres to a scientific community.

Havos in Action

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