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AND DECISIONS empowers teams to make better decisions, faster

The premise of the system is simple

We believe everyone should be able to access science, even if they are not a scientist. We assemble data, technology, and expertise to build software solutions that address your biggest questions.



We keep pace with the rapid, changing dynamics of the real world to deliver data-driven insights to decision-makers rapidly


We bridge knowledge gaps across disciplines, pooling the best evidence available for the toughest, most multifaceted questions. 



We enable teams to nimbly navigate solutions with the  biggest impact.

The best solutions start by asking the right questions.

We combine our expertise with yours in order to deliver the best possible results.

We identify the most diverse and comprehensive sources of data.

We optimize the data returned by our AI/ML program.

Our user-friendly dashboard makes it possible to interrogate the data to address more than one question.

“Although we use artificial intelligence, human fingerprints are all over everything we do. The problems we work on can have unintended consequences for communities that might be invisible in the data we are working with, so we engage with subject matter experts in an iterative process to inform our data collection, curation and analysis.”                                

                              Jaron Porciello, Co-founder & CTO


Artificial Intelligence/ Collective Intelligence

At we believe that intelligent decisions require more than just data & AI. Our approach also taps into the collective intelligence and global wisdom to provide customized support and expert validation. Structured approaches, balanced by cognitive learning processes, are the future of managing complex decisions. 

Havos in Action

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